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121 coaching

Experiencing chronic illness can be really isolating. It can feel like no one can truly understand or relate to your experience, yet alone support you in the right way through your healing journey. I certainly know I felt that way, like I was doing it solo, all on my own shoulders. 
Finding the right 121 support was so powerful for me. It look a while to find the right person who had the blend of mind-body tools, personal experience of chronic illness and a kind and compassionate personality that I really connected with - but it was so worth it.
It's now my mission to ensure that I bring that blend to you. Yes, we'll work together by using mind-body tools to regulate your nervous system and build your resilience. But we'll also leave plenty of space for unplanned conversations, problem solving, sharing and understanding. Sometimes feeling seen, heard, connected and understood is just as powerful for healing as any tool. 
There are two options for us to work together, which I outline below. It's super important whichever you go for, that we both feel that we're the right fit for each other as it will truly be a partnership. So please feel free to drop me a message if you have questions. 
Can't wait to connect with you :). 

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How we'd work together

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One off deep dive session

Stuckness is a word that I have resonated so much with along my healing journey. That sense of not knowing where to go next. 

These one off deep dive sessions allow us to really explore in detail a challenge you're facing right now and leave you empowered to move forward with fresh perspective, tools and energy. 

The session will be 60 minutes long with the session recording included.

£ 105

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Co-regulation & coaching circles

With small groups os just 8 people, these containers are a space to feel deeply, seen, heard and understood.


My hope is you also leave empowered with fresh perspective, connections and collective energy to move forward. 

These group sessions are held within The Nook - my online community membership. Full details via the link below. 

£ 15p/month

(7 day free trial)

My qualifications

I work with a blend of tools in my coaching programme, tailored to your personal situation. Here's a quick insight into what they are!


Learning the language of your own mind through thoughts, emotions and behaviours.


Communicating with your unconscious mind - breaking unhelpful patterns and generating new ones.

Life coaching

Empowering you with the tools to take charge of your life and wellbeing, with a dose of external perspective too!


Using the incredible power of the breath to transform your state of mind, body  and nervous system in any moment.

Yin Yoga

Using poses to get into the body, to feel deeply, to let go, to relax, to release long held tension & to move into a healing nervous system state.

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