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Before your programme I was suffering from anxiety & depression, had low moods & was overly self critical in every aspect of life. It was the lowest point of my life so far - whatever I was trying to do to help fix how I felt just wasn't working.


Since working with you, I've become more present, can catch & correct unhelpful patterns & access calmness - particularly through breath. I have also become kinder to myself and appreciate the good things I do, rather than focusing on what I don't do.

You care about more than the problem itself, making the effort to get to know me beyond the issue, what makes me tick and why I might be feeling this way - which all helps in making the solution so much more specific and powerful.

Not only were the sessions great but the feedback & summaries you provided after each week were so helpful. Being able to screenshot them and have them available throughout the week helped focus my headspace when I was feeling low.

Steve / 27

James’s style is warm, kind and welcoming.


Even after the initial phone call I felt slightly better in myself, I had spoken out loud the things that were weighing me down and with James I didn’t need to be a ‘leader’, I didn’t need to put on a brave face and smile, I could just be how I felt at that time without any expectations.


I even had the headspace to put myself forward for a promotion which I was successfully appointed to, and to think at the beginning of our coaching sessions I wasn’t sure I had the passion to continue in nursing, I know James played an instrumental part in helping me to achieve this new role and to get myself to the new and improved version.


I decided to have some sessions with James after working on an intensive care unit during the COVID pandemic. I have had CBT in the past for anxiety related issues and despite finding this useful I felt it didn't meet all of my needs.


In my sessions with James he let me lead what I wanted to work on and offered practical and realistic advice with regards to changes and strategies I can use in my day to day life to cope with my feelings of anxiety and panic. I am so grateful for all of the advice he as given me and I am definitely going to consider booking in future sessions!


I've been to see James for a variety of reasons including anxiety, family relationships and overworking. It's opened my mind to thoughts and solutions I didn't know were available to access and I have felt calm, confident and focused since.


James helped to completely shift my perspective after a relationship break down. I was feeling completely consumed by it, but I now am looking to the future and excited about the next chapter in my life.

Nick / 31 

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