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My story

This is my job, but it's also a personal mission and passion for me. Here's why!

Before we get stuck into my past, it feels more fitting to share a little more about what I love, much of which I've discovered through chronic illness.


I feel most fulfilled when I'm connecting deeply with people, laughing, being immersed in nature (especially by the sea), travelling, cooking delicious comforting food, following all things sport and finding my way to contribute to others. 

It’s also of course fair to say I’ve got a little experience with chronic illness, specifically M.E/CFS.
Aged 9, I went from national tennis player to bed/wheelchair bound for several years, being unable to eat or sit up at my worst & needing constant care from my parents. Over the period of several years I went on to create a full life again & achieve a sports scholarship to Durham University - so it was quite the turnaround. 

My good health continued for the next decade, until in my mid-twenties where things started to unfold again. On reflection - I was living a life of chronic stress - long hours, demanding job, unhappy home environment, relationship breakdown, excessive exercising, drinking on the weekends and constant colds/flu (of course I didn't see it like that at the time!).

James Wilson_0688.jpg

It’s been a real journey over the last 4 years as I've navigated this - really getting to understand myself, my inner world, my mind and my body in totally new ways. I’ve failed, a lot and had more lows than I thought I could handle, but I’ve also learnt what I believe is at the heart of transformation through chronic illness. ⁠

That being - the power of gaining awareness of unconscious patterns in mind & body that are driving nervous system dis-regulation & uncovering your own unique recipe of tools to build an authentic resilience & maximise your experience of life. But, underpinning all that, I believe everyone needs to really feel understood, seen, connected & most importantly reach a point where they can be totally true to themselves, & really own their own story, not anyone else’s. 

If you’re looking to follow and connect with someone who will tell you how to eliminate all your symptoms tomorrow, how to be 100% recovered next week, how to be perfect, how to return to your old way of life & being - then I am not the right person. However, if you’re looking to feel truly understood, be vulnerable, gain powerful tools for health & happiness & want to get to the heart of who you are, then I'm your man! 

Chronic illness is really hard. But it can also be a gift and it's my mission to turn it into one for as many people as possible! 

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