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Welcome to The Nook

An ever growing library of guided practices for mind-body health and chronic symptom healing. All at your fingertips for just £10 per month

What's included?

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On-demand healing

Full anytime access to an ever growing content library of over 40 completely unique guided practices to support your nervous system health and healing.


Catch-up classes

The Nook is also home to recordings of many previous mind-body workshops I've run & Instagram live guided sessions, meaning you learn in your own time!

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Priority access to live classes

As a member you'll have priority access to all additional classes, courses, groups and coaching that I offer throughout the year.

What's inside?

Within The Nook, you will find the guided practices split into four main categories, although many are a juicy combination! This will enable you to choose which practice meets your needs each day as you heal and evolve. You can see a preview of all the content here.

Brain Retraining

To tame the chronic fear response & build nervous system trust. 

Breath & Meditation

To deeply regulate your nervous system through intentional relaxation, rest & compassion.


To learn how to befriend your body, tune into its subtle messages & release held trauma/tension.

Class/workshop recordings

To increase your knowledge and confidence in mind-body healing.

The Nook intro offer

7 day free trial

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