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Welcome to The Nook

A soothing mind-body membership for nervous system health & healing. On demand content, live classes & community, all at your fingertips.

- Intro offer -

7 day free trial

What's included?

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On-demand healing

Full anytime access to an ever growing content library of over 60 completely unique guided practices to support your nervous system health and healing. 


The monthly reset

The first Monday of each month I hold my signature class 'The Monthly Reset'. A space for guided regulation, journalling and a deep rest (yoga nidra) practice. 

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Online community

 You'll access an exclusive online community of self-regulators. I'm confident you'll be excited to open and co-regulate, not fearful of what you might read! 

What's inside the content library?

Within The Nook, you will find the guided practices split into five main categories. This will enable you to choose which practice meets your needs each day as you heal and evolve. Everything I guide I have used in my 10 years experience healing chronic symptoms & anxiety. All live classes are recorded and added too!


To soften your brains fear response (great for anxiety & chronic symptoms)


To bring ease and relief to overwhelming moments 


To learn how to befriend your body & release held stress/tension/trauma


To down-regulate and find comfort, compassion & empowerment in your internal world


To actively support your nervous system into deep states of rest & healing 

The library also has filters for meditation, breathwork, brain retraining, embodiment,  restorative movement and more - if you like to slice it that way!

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A home for healing

This membership is for you if... 


You feel stuck

Your nervous system is stuck in a dysregulated & overwhelmed state. Maybe that's manifesting in anxiety, pain, fatigue or other mind-body symptoms that are taking your freedom.


You want to befriend yourself

All my practices/classes are designed to build self-compassion through brain rewiring, deep rest, embodiment & more. 


You're tired of 'the work'

You've tried a lot already, but are tired of it all. I'm here to lighten the load.

Everything is fully guided & crafted with mind-body science and wisdom. All you have to do is press play. 


You don't want to do it alone

Connection is one of the most powerful resources for finding health and happiness. Here you'll be part of a compassionate community of self-healers.

How members are feeling

I just wanted to let you know that I joined The Nook yesterday evening and I'm amazed by all the content you have in the library. That's much more per month. 🙃 Wanted to express my gratitude to your work and dedication. It's such a treasure.

This morning brain retraining practice is my favourite on The Nook so far. I keep coming back to it every morning 💛

I’ve been really enjoying dipping into this practice - I keep coming back to it ☺️ I picture my inner child as the person I love - it’s really helping build that compassionate bond. I sent this community a sense of trust and peace 💚

Thanks for that James. It definitely helped my feeling of frustration and my headache I've had all day has gone!

This is fantastic James, thank you so much. I love the deep compassion this practice evokes - perfect timing as I have just realized FEAR is my biggest challenge and moving into my heart and self compassion is what’s been missing on my healing journey.

I’ve been using the Nook everyday since it’s come out. It’s really becoming part of my daily practice. Thank you

I love your more flexible, kind, and enjoyable approach, preferably to another very established  program I tried. This is coming to me just at the right time, so I cannot thank you enough!

Your experience has clearly brought you bounds if infinite (hard earned) wisdom. Thank you for choosing to cultivate this and use it as an opportunity to share with us. Amazing. Thank you so much…

I just did your freeze practice and it. is. AWESOME.

I’ve heard a lot about brain retraining but also mixed reviews about the success of it. I think your more intuitive approach is a good one, takes the pressure off for sure.


I loved the exercise (had a pretty immediate small decrease in symptoms after the first time through) and plan to incorporate it daily. Thank you so much for your efforts in making this available

James, I’ve completed this meditation a few times now and each time is different. Thank you for the opportunity to tune into my mind and body. The releasing of my stories through the balloon is so helpful.  


I often don’t know what is going to come up until I start the process. But it has turned my day around each time!

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