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Switch on your power. 
To transform through chronic illness. 

Hi, I'm James

I'm here to empower you to transform through chronic illness.


How? By using the wisdom and power of the mind-body connection to regulate your nervous system and promote a healing path that is deeply compassionate and tailored to you, your needs and your story.

Everything I share with you through my work I have used in my own personal healing journey during 8 years of Chronic Fatigue / ME. I know how difficult healing is on every level, and it's my purpose to ensure you feel understood, empowered and supported every step of the way.


There are a variety of ways we can connect and work together through your healing path, which I've included on this site, so do have a good explore and poke around!

I really hope you get huge enjoyment and benefit from being here & I can't wait to connect with you in the future. 


Sending you lots of healing love,



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Free brain retraining masterclass

Learn how to switch on your brain's healing power and transform through chronic illness. 

Nervous System Reboot

Harness the power of your mind, lean into the wisdom of your body, build connection through community and regulate your nervous system for healing through immersive course.

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121 coaching

Feel deeply understood, supported and empowered through working in partnership with me .

We'll use personalised mind-body tools, as well as leaving plenty of space for unplanned conversations, problem solving, sharing, compassion & laughter. 

'Breathe Yin' yoga 

My yin yoga classes combine breath-work with deeply nourishing poses that are designed to release long held tension and promote complete relaxation and surrender in mind and body. 

Accessible to all in some way. 

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