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A home for mind, body and nervous system health. 

Hi, I'm James

I'm here to empower you to towards mind-body and nervous system health and healing. 

Everything I share here I have used in my own personal health journey during 8 years of Chronic Fatigue / ME and living a previous life of chronic stress. I know how difficult this path can be it's my purpose to ensure you feel understood, empowered and supported every step of the way on your way to greater health and wellbeing. 


There are a variety of ways we can connect and work together which I've included on this site, so do have a good explore and poke around!

I really hope you get huge enjoyment and benefit from being here & I can't wait to connect with you in the future. 


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The Nook membership

My soothing mind-body membership for nervous system health & healing. Over 50 guided practices, live classes, coaching & community, all at your fingertips.

Full details via the link below!

Free brain retraining practice

Experience what it's like to use your brain's power to promote healing. 

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Nervous System Reboot

Harness the power of your mind, lean into the wisdom of your body, and regulate your nervous system for healing through this immersive nervous system course.

Co-regulation groups

Feel deeply understood, supported and empowered through co-regulation groups.

You'll be part of a small group of other self-healers  - moving from disconnected to connected healing!

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James' testimonials

The nervous system reboot has been great as just that - a reboot. After enduring countless different programs, met with high expectations, intense timelines, and ultimately a fear that I was doing something wrong - James’ program has been quite the relief.


I love his focus on being compassionate with oneself and really leaning into our own intuition. James is a great guide and mentor. His meditation and guided brain retraining practices have been some of the most powerful and favourite practices I’ve ever done!

James is an incredible human being and a true blessing to all of us on the often very challenging CFS healing journey. I deeply resonate with the level of compassion that underpins his whole approach to coaching - it feels like a breath of fresh air, and a huge relief.


Working with James, it feels like I can finally exhale, relax and meet each stage of healing knowing I am truly seen, heard and supported by someone who just ‘gets it’. I am forever grateful for his support!

This is fantastic James, thank you so much. I love the deep compassion this evokes - perfect timing as I have just realized FEAR is my biggest challenge and moving into my heart and self compassion is what’s been missing on my healing journey.

Thanks for that James. It definitely helped my feeling of frustration and my headache I've had all day has gone!

James, thank you so much for providing this!


I love your more flexible, kind, and enjoyable approach, preferably to another very established brain retraining program I tried.


This is coming to me just at the right time, so I cannot thank you enough!

I’ve heard a lot about brain retraining but also mixed reviews about the success of it. I think your more intuitive approach is a good one, takes the pressure off for sure.


I loved the exercise (had a pretty immediate small decrease in symptoms after the first time through) and plan to incorporate it daily. Thank you so much for your efforts in making this available

James, I’ve completed this meditation a few times now and each time is different. Thank you for the opportunity to tune into my mind and body. The releasing of my stories through the balloon is so helpful.  


I often don’t know what is going to come up until I start the process. But it has turned my day around each time!

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