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Feel connected, understood & empowered among an intimate group of other self-healers.

Classes run every other week - just drop in for £15!

Connected healing

The mind-body healing journey can feel a lonely one - the sense that even those closest to you can't fully understand your experience. Yet being truly connected, seen & heard as part of a community can be one of the most healing and regulating resources for the nervous system. 

These co-regulation group classes are all about shifting from disconnected to connected healing, from feeling like it's all on you, to knowing others are with you.

They run every other week on zoom for 60 mins - you can book onto the next class by visiting the class timetable.

And to give you a flavour, here's what to expect when you join a session!

The co-regulation experience

During a class we will flow through a series of gentle exercises to connect us compassionately with ourselves & each other as we move into collective regulation and empowerment. Here's what a typical session will include.

Regulation techniques

Together we will explore different meditation, embodiment & vagus nerve techniques to deepen nervous system regulation. 

Guided journalling

Authentic journalling can deepen self-awareness, release stuck energy & develop self-compassion. Each week we'll journal around a different theme. 

Sharing circles

Where the magic really happens. An opportunity to listen, share and feel truly and deeply seen in your experience on the day. 

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