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Pain to purpose.

One to one coaching designed to empower you to turn your pain into your purpose.

The pain to purpose experience

Experiencing challenges to your health - whether physical, mental or a combination of both can completely change you and your outlook on the world. The realisation that without health and vitality, nothing else really matters - it’s suddenly a sense of clarity on what’s truly important. 


Through this personal pain and struggle - we tend to accumulate amazing wisdom and knowledge hat has the power to enable others to have an easier ride than we did. What could be more purposeful and rewarding than following that that as a purpose and business? In my eyes, not much! 

But what about the imposter syndrome? How can I do that when I’m not perfectly healed myself? Where do you even start? How can I balance it with maintaining my own health? Will it be triggering? What is my unique perspective? How do I go about building an audience?


I know first hand it's not an easy transition and I'd love to support you overcoming these barriers too - so you can shine your light on the world.

If that sounds exciting to you, then let's explore working together - just pop me an email to introduce yourself and get booked in. Sessions are £95/hour. 

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