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Nervous System Reboot

The compassionate approach to chronic symptom healing.

Hello and welcome to the Nervous System Reboot! 


Are you ready to be empowered with both the resources and self-compassion you need for sustainable healing?


Whether that's from ME/CFS, Long Covid, Chronic Pain, Chronic Symptoms, or just a sense that your nervous system is keeping you stuck in poor health & happiness - then you're in the right place! 


You’ll be learning through on-demand videos, guided meditations & handouts, all broken down into bite sized chunks. All with the mission of creating a practical, flexible and compassionate approach to healing. 

To have a sneak peek before you buy, check out the full list of modules and content waiting for you below and click here to preview the intro section of the self-study course for free!

£ 250 

(or 2 payments of £135)

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Module 1 - Befriending your nervous system

By the end of week one you’ll understand what the nervous system is & why it’s at the centre of our health and wellbeing. More specifically you'll be getting to know how your own unique nervous system feels in your body, how to tune into it more easily and how to identify both your triggers and the things that personally bring you back into regulation/balance. This will create a map for change through the 6 weeks. ​

  • What is the nervous system? How does it work?

  • Why regulate it for chronic illness? 

  • Why do we need to look at both brain and body?

  • Polyvagal theory explained

  • Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn - what's the difference?

  • How can you map your own unique nervous system & begin to influence it? 

  • Honouring where you've been & setting intentions.

  • Guided opening meditation. 

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Chronic illness can be the ultimate loss of identity, especially when combined with societal expectations & conditioning. In week two you’ll be rediscovering what’s truly unique about you & how to navigate your inner parts - paving the way for a more intentional direction for your brain retraining practice and healing. 

  • How do we lose ourselves through societal expectations and personal experiences?

  • What's trauma got to do with me? 

  • How can you begin understanding your inner world + parts – creating awareness that drives change? 

  • Why re-connect with your inner child? And how? 

  • Guided inner child discovery process & meditation 

  • The importance of deep self-compassion

  • How do you create your core values to guide your healing journey & brain retraining practice?


Module 2 - Rediscovering your identity

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Module 3 - Flexible Brain Retraining

The mind is so powerful. In week three we’ll be using all of that power through brain retraining to regulate your nervous system from the top down. You’ll learn a completely unique practice, building on your discoveries in week 1 & 2 & discover how to put it into practice in a deeply kind, intuitive & flexible way. 

  • What is neuroplasticity and why is it so powerful?

  • Identifying the most common mind patterns with chronic illness + how they may relate to you. 

  • A deep dive into brain retraining – learning step by step my compassionate & flexible technique.

  • A downloadable guided brain retraining practice.

  • How to fully personalise your practice - drawing on your values, inner child discoveries and understanding of your internal world & nervous system. And most of all, making it fun, not a chore. 

  • Future self-meditation/visualisation experience. 

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We store so many of our experiences and emotions in the body. So week four is all about using the power of the breath and body to regulate the nervous system from the ‘bottom up’, to generate a feeling of safety, and release stuck emotions & trauma.

  • What is somatics and bottom-up nervous system healing?

  • Introducing the power of breath and breathwork. 

  • 5 functional breathing tutorials/classes + recordings for nervous system regulation (downloadable).

  • Guest expert class for emotional and trauma release breathwork from Hannah Rose.

  • Grounding exercises & meditation.  

  • How to integrate with brain retraining. 


Module 4 - Breathwork & the body

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Module 5 - Intuitive Movement

Movement is one of the biggest challenges with a chronic condition. It creates fear (understandably) & at times can feel like a distant dream. Week five is all about beginning to move in a new way (however small), that’s totally in tune with your body, your breath & your intuition. Qigong & Yin yoga will be our portal into this! 

  • Understanding the core of the challenge with chronic illness + movement

  • My 5 pillars to restarting movement (however small)

  • Harnessing your intuition & other tools to keep your nervous system regulated while moving

  • Introducing somatic movement through Qigong & yin yoga. 

  • 5 short guest Qigong classes with expert / Teacher Darcy (yinlife) – for every level of movement.

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In the final week, we’ll be bringing all the powerful learnings of the course together. Understanding what’s in your toolkit, how to balance commitment with kindness when implementing & setting you up for success by understanding how to navigate ebbs and flows and finding your support tribe. 

  • What’s in your mind-body toolkit now?

  • How to avoid being overwhelmed with healing tools. 

  • How do you balance commitment & action with intuition, kindness & flexibility?

  • How do you deal with inevitable ebbs and flows during healing?

  • How to find your tribe/community to support you. 

  • Reflecting on how far you've come

  • Planning for your new future - what next? 

  • Closing meditation!


Module 6 - Integrating with compassion

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It's a self-study course!

​Hello flexibility! The self study nature of the course is a wonderful opportunity to take it totally at your own pace, depending on your learning style, needs & capacity. There is no right or wrong length of time - all I would suggest is that to get the best from the content is that you do it in order. And the best bit is you can start today! Here's everything that's included: 

  • Over 45 bite-sized video lessons 

  • 10+ guided practices - brain retraining, meditation, breath work, somatics. 

  • Guest expert classes 

  • Worksheets & course notes

  • Access to all content for product lifetime. 

£ 250 

(or 2 payments of £135)

James' testimonials

The nervous system reboot has been great as just that - a reboot. After enduring countless different programs, met with high expectations, intense timelines, and ultimately a fear that I was doing something wrong - James’ program has been quite the relief.


I love his focus on being compassionate with oneself and really leaning into our own intuition. James is a great guide and mentor. His meditation and guided brain retraining practices have been some of the most powerful and favourite practices I’ve ever done!

James is an incredible human being and a true blessing to all of us on the often very challenging CFS healing journey. I deeply resonate with the level of compassion that underpins his whole approach to coaching - it feels like a breath of fresh air, and a huge relief.


Working with James, it feels like I can finally exhale, relax and meet each stage of healing knowing I am truly seen, heard and supported by someone who just ‘gets it’. I am forever grateful for his support!

This is fantastic James, thank you so much. I love the deep compassion this evokes - perfect timing as I have just realized FEAR is my biggest challenge and moving into my heart and self compassion is what’s been missing on my healing journey.

Thanks for that James. It definitely helped my feeling of frustration and my headache I've had all day has gone!

James, thank you so much for providing this!


I love your more flexible, kind, and enjoyable approach, preferably to another very established brain retraining program I tried.


This is coming to me just at the right time, so I cannot thank you enough!

I’ve heard a lot about brain retraining but also mixed reviews about the success of it. I think your more intuitive approach is a good one, takes the pressure off for sure.


I loved the exercise (had a pretty immediate small decrease in symptoms after the first time through) and plan to incorporate it daily. Thank you so much for your efforts in making this available

James, I’ve completed this meditation a few times now and each time is different. Thank you for the opportunity to tune into my mind and body. The releasing of my stories through the balloon is so helpful.  


I often don’t know what is going to come up until I start the process. But it has turned my day around each time!

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