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Do you have a highly sensitive nervous system?

It can be a pain in the ass I know, but don’t forget there are perks too – here are four of them.

Having a sensitive nervous system can be a pain in the ass, I know. A friend said to me recently ‘I Just wish I could take it out’ and I really relate to that feeling at times.

But, there are also some wonderful perks to a sensitive nervous system, that I think it’s important not to forget. Why? Because it’s what makes you pretty darn special and will empower you to leave the world a better place. So here are four powerful things you develop through having a sensitive system…

1. Beautiful boundaries

With a sensitive nervous system, you can’t say yes to everything any more. You have to be mindful of what you commit to. The result? You build boundaries and strong ones at that. Boundaries that empower you to prioritise your time and energy for activities, people and environments that bring you joy and ease.

2. Awesome awareness

In a world where there is so much external noise, it can be hard to turn inwards and become aware of yourself, your patterns, your held traumas, your needs, and your body. A sensitive nervous system guides you to this awareness, which provides the foundation for transformation.

3. In-tune intuition

Okay, so you’re ‘sensitive’. That likely means you’re sensitive to people and places too. You know quickly when somewhere or someone doesn’t feel right for you. You get that information in your body in ways others don’t. You are deeply in tune with your intuition and can make great choice from that place that serve you and others.

4. Embodied empathy

Yes we’re talking about the perks here. But let’s be honest if you’ve been dis-regulated for a long time (perhaps through chronic illness), you also likely know what it’s like to suffer, really suffer. Suffer through something no one seems to understand. And that gives you magical empathy and kindness for others - something the world needs a whole lot of right now.

What other perks can you think of?

Sending lots of healing love,



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