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Feel like you're doing healing 'wrong'?

That's how it feels a lot of the time when you experience chronic illness, but I hope this gives you some comfort...

It can feel like you 'should' be doing more to heal.

Logging into instagram or other social media platforms can see you faced with a barrage of well meaning advice for chronic symptoms. Posts that suggest you 'should' be eating better, doing more brain retraining, embracing deeper trauma work, moving in a different way and worker harder and longer to regulate your nervous system.

It can contribute to a feeling that what you're doing is not enough, that it is not 'right' and that you should be constantly exploring new techniques and new ways to heal. I've been there and felt it!

Remember you are doing enough.

So I wanted to take a moment to remind you... that the very fact you're here reading this suggests to me that you are doing enough in this moment. There will always be more to do and explore if you want to, and that is a wonderful thing - the amount of useful resources available is only growing and empowering more and more people.

But just remember that every single practitioner out there (including myself) is sharing a flavour of what resonates and works best for them. That doesn't mean it's exactly right for you in this very moment, or even at all.

Tune into your intuition.

So practice tuning into your intuition/needs and recognise when it feels useful to have that external input/inspiration and from who particularly. If it feels good and exciting, then go for it fully.

But also notice when actually it's time to step back, cut out some noise and really honour and cultivate all the wonderful things you ARE already doing.

A quick tip!

If that means muting people on Instagram, yes including me - then do it! I'll tell you a little secret that I mute the majority of mind-body practitioners I follow. Not because their content is not incredible and really useful, but because I know that I have a tendency to feel like I need to constantly do more - and so taking that action leaves me with the choice of engaging, rather than it landing in front of my face :).

I hope this has given your nervous system a little sigh today - knowing that wherever you are on this squiggly path, that you are not doing healing wrong.

I also wanted to let you know the self-study version of my Nervous System Reboot is now live!

Click here to find out more.

Sending lots of love,



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