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Nervous system healing isn't about staying regulated.

It's much more than that.

It's about building your capacity over time to return to regulation with a little more ease. After all, survival states are part of being human, and completely essential to keep us safe and alive - we wouldn't want to be without them!

Here’s a reel about this topic if you’d rather watch/listen than read :)

When we recognise this, it can open us up to more self-compassion by knowing that any small action that is even bringing in a flavour of regulation is something to be proud of and moving us towards healing, even when it doesn't feel that way.

Find yourself in a survival state? Go easy on yourself.

We so often give ourselves a hard time (well I know I do) for not having the perfect experience, for being triggered, or for being unable to bring ourselves into a completely regulated state.

So this short blog is a little nudge to go easy on yourself this week when you're finding yourself in a survival state - knowing that it's normal and we all find ourselves there to different degrees each day.

An invitation to start your week compassionately.

Ask yourself:

What do I need this week?

How can I meet that need in even the smallest of ways today?

Wishing you all an easeful week ahead and sending lots of healing love,



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