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I wish you a slow recovery.

Yes, you read that right! But why would I wish that on you?

This is something that I really enjoyed listening to Jay Shetty & Gabrielle Bernstein talk about on a podcast - it hugely resonated.

But why would I wish a slow recovery on you? Surely a quick healing process is better? Isn’t that what we all want? What we all strive for when living with chronic illness?

Questioning why the path feels so long is normal.

I certainly know that throughout most of my healing journey, all I wanted was for things to move quicker and to be ‘better’ as fast as possible. And you know, I still feel that at times and have often sat and wondered/questioned why the path has been and felt so long and winding. Questioning why I haven’t had the same fast healing experience as X person or coach on instagram - wishing at times it had been a smoother ride.

Remember the journey has valuable teachings.

Yet, do I really I wish that? No, I don’t think so. If I’d had that experience I would not have learnt 95% of what I have about myself. Every tough period, every low moment, every ebb has taught me something so valuable. It never feels like it in the moment, but it’s all been working for me, not against - deep down I know that.

It really came to life for me last week during a tough few days where I couldn’t possibly see how the experience was serving me. Yet, it has been a catalyst to realise that I would really benefit from some consistent therapeutic support for myself - something I haven’t had for some time. So, I’ve taken action to do that - and I already know that’s going to bring a whole new set of learnings and nourishment.

Empathy, knowledge, resilience and perspective.

It’s almost as though through this experience of chronic symptoms our bodies are enabling us to do inner work that most wouldn’t do in a lifetime. I already know I wouldn’t have half the empathy, knowledge, resilience or perspective I do without the slow lane.

A gift no one can buy.

So if you’re feeling like you’re the slow one, remember slow is powerful, full of wisdom and giving you gifts for the future. So, take a sigh, acknowledge it's so tough, but know wherever you are is okay, that it’s your journey not anyone else’s and that one day it will be a gift no one can buy.

And if you’re ready to deeply honour your own journey/pace while exploring and implementing nervous system tools in a kind, compassionate and flexible community environment - the Nervous System Reboot sign up is still open for a little while longer. Remind yourself of the full details here!

Sending you lots of love,



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