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Feeling frustrated with your body and your chronic symptoms?

Try this body-based gratitude meditation for healing.

Frustration is normal when you have chronic symptoms.

When you experience chronic symptoms it can be hard to be anything but frustrated towards your body. The constant willing for things to be different, for it to work better, to feel better. I've experienced it time and time again and still do.

It's a really normal and natural response, that in itself deserves self-compassion and empathy. But it can be difficult to shift, and when experienced in long periods can be unhelpful to our mind and body.

Shifting perspective to welcome self-compassion.

The most useful way that I've found to shift my perspective is this very simple body based gratitude meditation. It allows me to bring forward a lot more kindness, compassion and appreciation for my body and empowers me to realise that despite its imperfections, it’s enables incredible things for me each day.

So here it is in it's very simplest form! These are just guidelines so do get creative and make it your own - after all we all have different reasons to be grateful and capacity within our bodies. Start by getting yourself nice and comfortable and then...

Body-based gratitude meditation for healing with chronic symptoms.

1. Take two big breaths in and sigh out through your mouth, releasing all tension.

2. Connect to your feet. Thank them for tethering you to the earth, for taking you everywhere you’ve even been. For giving you freedom.

3. Notice your hips now. Thank them for empowering you to stand, for allowing you to sit, for giving you freedom to dance.

4. Notice your heartbeat. Thank it for keeping you alive everyday, for opening you up to feel love, for giving your muscles everything they need.

5. Feel your hands. Thank them for allowing you to create, to have physical touch, to reach out to others, to eat.

6. Cover your eyes. Thank them for allowing you to see the world, to connect with nature and beauty. Reflect on the wonderful things you’ve seen in your life.

7. Feel your throat. Thank it for giving you a voice, a way to be heard and understood.

8. Feel the rhythm of your breathing. Thank your breath for flowing every single day, allowing you to let go, to release.

9. Finally - take a moment to appreciate the newfound gratitude you have for your body as a whole and add any final thoughts that feel good to you.

Hopefully this moment of gratitude helps to remind you that your body is always working for you and that gratitude doesn't always have to just apply to things outside of you!

If you enjoyed this, you can watch a short reel I created of it on Instagram. There will also be a full guided practice of this as part of The Nervous System Reboot!

Sending lots of love,



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