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Can nervous system regulation be fun?

Nervous system regulation doesn’t have to be all ‘work’.

There are so many 'tools' out there to help you regulate your nervous system...

Indeed many of them I do personally and share through my work. But it's easy to get lost in it all isn't it? Lost in doing all the 'work'. Lost in trying to do everything you can - to make sure no stone is unturned for your healing.

Sometimes I think we forget (me included) that nervous system regulation doesn't always have to be 'work' or 'tools'. In fact, some of the most powerful things we can do for our nervous systems are fun, free, accessible, and right in front of our eyes.

What little things light you up?

Little things that light us up are an incredible way to build nervous system flexibility. I keep a list actions I know help me feel better which I can reach for when I'm feeling dysregulated.

  • Getting into nature

  • Listening to music or my favourite podcast

  • Getting natural sunlight

  • Spending time with my dog Wilma

  • Being silly

  • Getting excited

  • Taking a bath

  • Cooking

  • Creating meaningful connections with others

  • Laughing, expressing

  • Swimming in the sea

  • Having a cup of tea

  • Feeling deeply seen and heard

  • Having new experiences

What would be on your list?

If you're feeling a bit tired of the 'work' - give yourself permission to mix things up this week, to simply do some things you really enjoy, that light you up - that are building your nervous system flexibility but that you'd choose to do, even if they weren't!

Sending lots of healing love,



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