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What's causing your chronic symptoms?

Do you feel frustrated that your body feels a certain way but you don't know why?

I think we've all been there. That questioning and analysing what might be the rational cause for certain sensations. We create stories in our mind to develop a capacity to be okay with it, to comprehend it. Or we don't get there and feel helpless.

But what if that's because quite simply your body is smarter, more intelligent and has more wisdom than you do? What if you let the body take charge, not the mind? What if you let it be the guide?

That's something I've been working on more and more. Developing internal connection with my body, tuning in to what it needs in any given moment and deeply honouring it, moving it much more intuitively, working on grounding and somatic practices. Becoming friends with my body, not wishing it was different, knowing it has the best intentions.

For most of us, we probably arrived at chronic illness because through our minds, we decided we needed to live in a way that our bodies weren't able to sustain or weren't nourished by. To live in a way that accommodated those hurt parts of us and made us fit in with external expectations. We failed to say no, so our bodies did it for us.

So what if now was the time to begin to rebuild that trust with your body? To let it take the lead for a bit? To let it know that you're listening, you hear it and that honouring the current needs of your nervous system is your priority?

What if you used your brain retraining and mind work to support that mission? To get out the way... to challenge those stories? To leave the external expectations behind?

Food for thought for this week perhaps?

Sending lots of healing love,



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