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Can routine actually give you more freedom?

It seems logical that you find freedom in flexibility, but I’ve found freedom in routine during my healing journey.

Routine is something I’ve come back to over and over again. I notice whenever I start to feel less good in my body, it’s nearly always the thing I realise I’ve lost, and the thing that I seek and crave the most in those moments.

Routine can be a platform to move forward from.

Routine gives me a structure, it gives me feeling of purpose, it empowers me with the platform to clearly say yes or no - honouring my needs. I also feel a great sense of safety in mind and body, knowing and accepting where I’m at in that moment & giving myself a platform to move forward from it in the future.

"Without it, I don't know where I'm at"

Without it, I can feel lost - like I don’t know where I’m at. I can’t work out what my nervous system's window of tolerance actually is and as a result I become indecisive, I withdraw more and overthink everything. Ultimately I’m more fearful.

To me, at least in this moment, operating with complete flexibility doesn’t bring me freedom at all. Rather, having routine and structure allows and enables me to be far more free in mind and body, to fully embrace what I choose to do as part of that.

Finding the balance and embracing spontaneity.

Of course, there is a balance to this as with everything. Sometimes it’s incredible and exciting to do unplanned things, to embrace something unexpected – I’ve certainly enjoyed that at times recently. But I find I can much more wholeheartedly make that choice to do something I really want to (but is outside of routine) from a base place of stability.

So perhaps pause for 10 minutes this morning to think about how you can get the best from your week? Is there a routine that is going to serve you best? Sending healing love, James


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