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Regulating your nervous system isn't a science.

It's more of a dance. And here's why it matters if you're living with chronic illness.

Like dancing, nervous system regulation is a feeling, a connection and a delicate balance.

Diving into the world of chronic illness, the nervous system, and nervous system regulation can seem overwhelming in itself. A lot of new information, a lot of science to understand, a lot of technical terms. And when something seems technical, there is a tendency to look for that perfect equation to make everything fit.

But from my personal experience, nervous system regulation isn’t really a science at all. It’s much more of a dance. It’s much more of a feeling. It’s much more of a sense, an awareness, a connection, a delicate balance.

Get to know yourself, your body and your patterns. What supports and nourishes you?

As someone who works in the field, I have a good understanding of it all - but I still find it really hard work at times. It makes me realise even more that there is not a simple recipe for success that you can apply.

Principles yes, but at the heart it’s about deeply getting to know yourself, your body, your patterns & what supports and nourishes you. It’s about really feeling where your edge is, working with it and accepting you won’t judge it perfectly.

Find your rhythm for regulation and dance with self-compassion.

And what we can say about dancing, is that no two people dance in exactly the same way. Why? Because every person has a unique body and a unique connection to it - so it can’t be replicated exactly. And this healing with chronic illness work we’re all doing is no different. It’s just about finding your rhythm and dancing with it. Dancing with deep self-compassion & kindness.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information, know you’re not alone in that - I feel it too at times. Clarity will come, and it will likely primarily do so from within, in its own time :).

An act of kindness for your nervous system today.

A lovely first step can just starting by asking yourself - what one thing can I do today that feels good to my nervous system and my body? For me, it was a very slow but lovely dog walk in nature with the early morning sunshine on my back. A rarity here in England!

Sending lots of healing love to you all and welcoming many new hearts to this amazing community.


And before you go… My Nervous System Reboot will be open in the next few weeks where we'll be discovering how to really simplify and personalise nervous system work to your unique body and implement it with lots of kindness and compassion along the way. If you haven't already, make sure you join the waitlist here to be the first to get access :).


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